General Partners / April 30, 2024

Flying high with The Great North Air Ambulance Service

What do you get when you join forces with one of the most fantastic, life saving charities in the North East? The ability to share learning, training and help each other to spread the word of our shared charitable values, helping the people in our community who need it the most.

The Great North Air Ambulance Service (GNAAS) paid us a visit on 24th April for a day of training simulations on site at The Alnwick Garden. The ability to train HEMS doctors and pre-hospital emergency paramedics in such a unique environment allowed GNAAS to set up bespoke scenarios within our contemporary visitor attraction.

Both The Alnwick Garden and The Great North Air Ambulance Service are charities and rely on visitors, donations and corporate support to deliver critical services to the people of our region. GNAAS are not NHS funded and bring pioneering pre-hospital care to severely injured or ill patients every year. It costs the service £8.5m annually to keep flying and at The Alnwick Garden, we opened our doors to support the team on site with the ability to continuously develop new techniques, maintain gold standard medical practice and train in new surroundings.

Gordon Ingram, Head Of Operations and Senior HEMS Critical Care Team Paramedic, at The Great North Air Ambulance Service said “The partnership with The Alnwick Garden is important because it allows us to have ease of access to environments that would possibly catch us out when we arrive on scene. We’re incredibly thankful to the team at Alnwick Gardens and Lilidorei for letting us come along for the day, and we’re looking forward to seeing where this partnership takes us.”