Welcome to Grow Business Club at The Alnwick Garden

The Grow Business Club has been formed to break the stereotypical ‘business networking’ mould. We’re brand new and from March 2024 we’ll meet face to face once a month but drive the power of collaboration on a daily basis. Together we share learning, harness insight, join forces and have a whole lot of fun along the way. There are no set expectations, no required commitments and we love for businesses of all shapes and sizes to join us.

What makes our club different?

Our club is the true definition of collaboration at its best. We’re not here for simply delivering great tea and coffee (although they’re of course on the agenda). We created Grow to help achieve palatable objectives, overcome collective challenges and help each other thrive in Northumberland and the wider North East.

With a unique circuit style set up, our club offers an opportunity to meet and chat to everyone in the room to discuss important themes such as sustainability, innovation, community, education, employment and everything in between.

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Up and coming events

Accessibility and inclusion
Tuesday 25th June 2024 9.30am – 11.30am

This month our Grow Business Club focusses on the world of accessibility and inclusion both on and offline. As winners of the Accessible and Inclusive Tourism Award at this years NE Tourism awards, the garden team will be sharing our journey to becoming an inclusive visitor attraction for all. We’ll also be joined by fabulous guest speakers Ste Dunn from Northern Pride,  Sarah Garman from The Bendrigg Trust and Bianca Robinson from CEO Sleepout.

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Northumberland, NE and the world
Thursday 18th July 2024
9.30am – 11.30am

This month our Grow Business Club brings together Northumberland and the North East with the rest of the world. We talk all things import and export, whilst remaining sustainable, as well as travel trade, international visitors and the opportunities around growing our economy. Guest speakers include Ivan from The Department for Business and Trade and a second guest speaker to be announced very soon.

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Marketing & communications without the jargon
Tuesday 13th August 2024
9.30am – 11.30am

This month our Grow Business Club looks to dispel myths, jargon and buzz words to position brands, businesses and offerings effectively. We talk all things creative, branding, marketing and communications in a world of AI, smaller budgets and ever changing goal posts. Guest speakers to be announced soon.


Embracing change
& transformation
Tuesday 24th Sept 2024
9.30am – 11.30am

This month our Grow Business Club event concentrates on being a game changer as we explore future proofing business and careers within Northumberland the North East and beyond. We look at how to be change ready, thinking creatively, innovatively and embrace thought leadership within the evolving world we work in. We’ll be joined by wonderful guest speakers Hadrian’s Resourcing Solutions and a second to be announced very soon.


We’re onboarding new members

The Alnwick Garden Grow business club can only be a success with dedicated members. So we’d love to hear from you, yes you. Join us for the first of many events from March 2024 onwards and let’s see what we can achieve together.

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