General Partners / March 22, 2024

Partnering with Bottle Up to combat climate change, one bottle at a time

With the weather getting warmer (hopefully, no promises!) we tend to reach for a nice refreshing bottle of H2O, and having just had World Water Day on 22nd March, we thought it would be the perfect time to talk about climate change and our exciting new partnership with Bottle Up!

Bottle Up, water bottles don’t just look stylish, but they are made from renewable sugar cane, which is better for the planet. They are BPA free meaning they can be reused, which reduces single use plastics that are currently ending up in our oceans and accelerating climate change. Bottle Up’s ethos, values and can-do attitude to combatting the negatives surrounding climate change align perfectly with that of our climate action programmes, here at The Alnwick Garden. Partnerships don’t get more synergistic than this!

Bottle Up water is available in our retail shops at The Alnwick Garden and we are delighted to confirm that we will extend Bottle Up water to Lilidorei during the Easter period, with the option to refill the bottle onsite during a water break between sliding and having fun!

Stylish and sustainable, and kind to the planet? Yes please! The only decision left to make is which colour to choose!