General Partners / January 26, 2024

Stephen Carey Fund helps deliver additional defibrillator at Lilidorei

The Alnwick Garden have partnered with The Stephen Carey Fund on the quest to source an additional defibrillator for our Lilidorei site. We’re extremely grateful to all of the amazing volunteers who help with providing defibrillators and emergency life saving skills training throughout Northumberland.

The Stephen Carey Fund story is hugely inspirational and they work with local communities and organisations within Northumberland towards the placement of defibrillators throughout the county, to provide emergency life saving training. It’s through wonderful partnerships like these that we’re continuously developing, growing and learning as a team. We’ve improved knowledge of and increased awareness of cardiac arrest throughout The Alnwick Garden team with the addition of an additional defibrillator at Lilidorei.

We hope and pray they we’ll never have a need to use our new defibrillator but we’re prepared and trained by the wonderful Stephen Carey Fund, should we ever need to help anyone. Defibrillators really do save lives and we’d urge any organisation who needs a new or updated defibrillator to get in touch with them via email